Camping in France

Before you go camping in France, here are some tips to find the best campsite! There are almost 8000 campsites in France. The most popular are campsites by the sea and campsites with a water park. These huge aquatic complexes attract many tourists. It must be said that the water parks of the campsites are bigger and bigger and more and more impressive years after years! The campsites will therefore be reserved first.

Let's talk a bit about camping ranges in France. The campsites are using a star based rating system not unlike hotels. Attention however, because the stars of the campsites concern the equipment, services and size of the sites and not necessarily, the quality of the service contrary to hotels. 5 star campsites and 4 star campsites are the most popular in France. But you will also find 2 and 3 star campsites with very beautiful swimming pools and even very large water parks. So be careful and do not rely only on the stars when you book your campsite in France.

Where to go camping in France?

No secrets on the destination. The most popular campsites are those in Corsica, Côte d'Azur and more generally those in the south of France. These campsites will therefore be reserved first. Traditionally, campsites in France are first filled from the South then from the West. The closer you get to the sea in the South of France, the less equipped the campsites are. It is the proximity of the sea that makes the value of campsites

The other very touristic region in France is the Atlantic Coast. You will find many campsites in the Landes, Gironde, Vendée and Brittany. Campsites in Western France are generally better equipped and you will find the largest water parks in Europe.

If you are attracted by nature, we recommend you to look for a campsite in Ardèche or in the Gorges du Verdon. The campsite is very popular and you will find a wide variety of campsites.