Camping Le Roumingue

Lanton | Aquitaine


  • sea ​​access
  • Swimming pool
  • Water park
  • Kids Club
  • Toboggan
  • Wireless
  • Restoration
  • animations

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Camping - Sanguinet - Aquitaine - Le Lac Sanguinet  

Camping Le Lac Sanguinet

Mobile home : 3 pers.

7 nights from the 06/20 to 06/27

  • - Lake access
  • - Swimming pool
  • - Kids Club
Trader :Booking

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Camping - Sanguinet - Aquitaine - Le Lac Sanguinet  

Camping Le Lac Sanguinet

Mobile home : 6 pers.

7 nights from the 06/20 to 06/27

  • - Lake access
  • - Swimming pool
  • - Kids Club
Trader :Booking

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“ Magnificent ! ”

Review written the Game. 17 September 2015

Hello, My wife and I spent two weeks in this beautiful region of Arcachon at the beginning of September, with the beautiful days! We chose a mobile home comfort (I'm no longer the age to do acrobatics to build my tent). Very good friendliness within the establishment and the restaurant. The campsite seems more airy in this season according to the manager, the families making their return. Comfortable and clean, the price of accommodation is quite correct. We came back quite happy with this trip, the oyster beds are beautiful and the boat rides alike. Enjoy your stay with other holidaymakers in the region! Serge

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“ A wonderful stay ”

Review written the Mon. 27 April 2015

Since I have children, I often go on camping holidays but camping Roumingue remains for me the best quality price. The welcome is very warm and the setting is very nice, not to mention the private beach that is not seen everywhere. The mobile homes are really well decorated, which is not the case in all the campsites you the many activities have made us spend two wonderful weeks !:

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“ Family camping ”

Review written the Game. 09 April 2015

Very nice campsite located on the Bassin d'Arcachon. The value for money is the real plus of Roumingue which offers a really nice and quality services. If like me you have young children, it is the ideal! The mobile homes have all the necessary comfort and camping is very well thought out globally to accommodate the little ones! The playground is very well maintained and the pool, although it is not very big, made the happiness of my little tribe. Thank you to the team of Roumingue, I believe that this year again we will make a small stop by your home.

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“ A campsite of quality! ”

Review written the Mon. 09 February 2015

We were lucky to come across a last minute promotion with 3 friends, to "pitch our tent" a few days. Fortunately, we have lengthened the stay because the entertainment came very quickly: dance classes, tennis, etc! The good thing about this campsite is that you are close to almost everything: if you want to go to Bordeaux you can, all the beaches, Cap Ferret, Arcachon, not to mention the convenience stores just in aside, in case (and as I'm not the most organized guys, the small grocery store of the campsite has helped us a lot for our improvised evenings!). This is the place we chose to celebrate our bac between friends, and honestly we are not mistaken place! We do not yet know exactly when it will be possible for us to return, but between the evening entertainment and all the outings (sports or relaxation) that offer the area, there is really something to do. My advice is to explore the surroundings to the maximum (there are bike loans not far)!

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“ Ideal camping for families ”

Review written the Fri. 06 February 2015

Very family-friendly campsite, totally adapted for the little ones (and it would seem, for the bigger ones too). We went with our two children of 5 months and 2 years old. The youngest still enjoyed the small pool with mom and dad, and the tallest tested some structures on the beach play area (there is a "home for the little ones"). The maintenance of the sites seemed coherent, as well as the toilets. The manager even proposed a "baby kit" if needed. For my part, I discovered water aerobics and learned a beautiful dance with my husband: salsa. I recommend this campsite to families, it's really a beautiful place, always with entertainment for everyone.

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“ An excellent campsite ”

Review written the Sea. 04 February 2015

The children broke out! I'm a solo dad, so to convince my two big boys of 13 and 16 years old to come with me on vacation, I had better interest to ensure ... so thank you to the campsite Roumingue who seems to have convinced them and certainly the place too! It is true that the frame is superb and that finally we did not stay much on the spot (we were in a big tent ... it goes two minutes, after that clash, must move). They were not too trendy entertainment but we had everything nearby so we let loose on the bike and explore the surrounding beaches (there is enough to do). We had quite limited knowledge of this area from Le Havre ... and frankly it's always nice to have a nice person at the reception, who takes the time to explain all the activities and outings that we have access to. outside the campsite. Thank you to this gentleman if he recognizes himself! I admit that in the evening I was quickly "abandoned" by my boys who soon found friends of their age (I would have done the same for them). There were also a lot of foreigners which allowed them to work a bit with their English. Overall, people are rather relaxed and hospitable on this campsite, I was happy to see that I was not the only single parent potentially open to a meeting;)

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“ A very nice campsite ”

Review written the Game. 22 January 2015

We come from Rodez in Aveyron with my girlfriend and we are both athletes. For two years we have been going for a week in the summer to go canoeing. We were in Ardèche 2 years ago and this year on the side of the Arcachon basin. The waters are calm but we preferred the diversity of landscapes and the ride more than thrills. It is not bad because you can navigate in river with the descent of the Leyre, to make the summer (a rare freshness there subsists under the vault of the leaves formed by the trees). Do not worry about the difficulty, it's easy! Then you can do a lot of different circuits on the pool directly sea kayak. We went out all day, the person of the coaching was super nice. We would have liked to have a blazing sun that day but we can not claim the top all the time. On the other hand, one evening a little later, we got stung with the sunset. We had found the renter on the port of Arcachon the days before. We spent three days in a camping dune Pyla and then 4 days on the side of Lanton in a campsite called Roumingue. We liked very much its privileged geographical situation facing the basin. There too the sunset was top. It was a day of cycling in the rain at least there were some showers but we remained motivated. Food level we still enjoyed the local gastronomy. We love oysters. We made two different huts, one on the side of the port of Hume in Gujan the first time and then to the fishing village of Piraillan at the end of the stay. The tourist influx clutters quite the roads during the summer but it is the batch of all the seaside resorts on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts in full season. For couples and groups who like to move, the holidays on the Arcachon basin offers a varied playground and a grandiose setting.

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“ A very good place to remember ”

Review written the Game. 26 June 2014

Hi all, I want to compliment this campsite because we are very welcome. I went there 15 days (beginning of June 2014) with my two sons (between men) and I must say that I was surprised at the number of sports activities offered within the campsite but also throughout the Basin . Between the dune of Pila, the city of Arcachon, the Teste-de-Buch, Gujan-Mestras, Andernos, the various beaches, Cap Ferret or the island of birds there are plenty of places to visit and it's is very nice. I was able to occupy my two sons, who have the gift of being bored quickly enough and I am delighted. Finally for me and I hope my whole family this time, I will come back because the campsite I like a lot and there is everything to relax and have a good time ... After all the holidays it's done for that: )

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“ A perfect stay at the campsite roumingue ”

Review written the Mar. 24 June 2014

This first stay at the campsite Roumingue (June 2014) was perfect and we will come back without hesitation. The calm, the scenery, the atmosphere and the quality of the rental made the stay an excellent memory. We have a habit of renting a mobile home with family in different campsites and we took the time to choose our mobile home in this campsite that we know only recently. It has been recommended to us by friends who have been there for several years and we have not regretted having followed their recommendation. The animators and other staff members have always been attentive, smiling and responsive. The children (6 and 9 years old) loved the campsite's playground, its mini golf and the activities on offer (archery, swimming lessons, tennis and scuba diving). In my turn, I recommend this campsite to anyone wishing to spend a pleasant holiday near the Arcachon basin.

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“ A great stay at the campsite ”

Review written the Sat. 21 June 2014

We had a great weekend (4 days) at the Domaine du Roumingue for the bridge of May 8 and we plan to return at the end of the summer. The campsite is very nice for its equipment, its setting and the services offered. We rented a mobile home for 2 couples and were delighted with this rental (well equipped, clean, new and quite spacious). The location of the campsite is ideal for those who want a quiet campsite near the basin without being on Arcachon to have more peace, space and friendliness. We enjoyed the warm welcome from the campsite staff and the good general atmosphere throughout the long weekend.

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“ Mobile-home of quality and very good reception ”

Review written the Fri. 23 May 2014

I discovered camping by chance (word of mouth) and I took the whole family (my children and my wife). We stayed 2 weeks in mobile home in the off season. The setting is nice, we did a lot of cycling and walks around the basin, mainly to Andernos and Lanton. When you come to the pool I advise you to try a tasting of seafood or oysters at the edge of the water.

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Review written the Game. 06 September 2012

The campsite is on a large estate. We rented a "chalet". The space is small, no sofa corner but enough for a couple with max 2 young children. For my taste there was not enough dishes. The pool is certainly small but there is a bathing lake with sea water in the campsite very nice and a fishing lake where the fish is at the rendezvous. Regarding nighttime entertainment we participated in a lottery very nice. Unfortunately we hear music at night in the mobilhomme but it does not last too late. There are many things to do and the place is nice. There is also an Intermarché next door. In summary I enjoyed this stay.

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“ A camping. ”

Review written the Sea. 29 August 2012

Camping Le Roumingue is located in Lanton on the edge of the Arcachon basin. Our apartment (formula holiday village) was quite outdated and equipped with minimalist. The pool was very small and surrounded by fences (beach outside, deckchairs in very limited numbers) The swimming pool is of a satisfactory size, but quite muddy as soon as one moves away from the beach. To go to the beach it is necessary to take the car (either to go on the basin towards Arcachon or Cap Ferret, or towards the ocean: beach of the big Crohot) The beach on the basin close to the camp-site does not allow swimming (few water) but may be suitable for small ones. The welcome on the campsite was nice and attentive The entertainment was good, very nice staff. Overall, the site is beautiful and vast, but we feel a camping "aging", no effort on infrastructure that begins to date. Too bad.

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Camping Le Roumingue

Address of the campsite: 61 Avenue de la Libération

In the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, in the Gironde department, the 3-star campsite Le Roumingue in Lanton awaits you right on the water at the edge of the Bassin d'Arcachon 200 meters from the golden beaches, offering you a large space Aquatic for refreshing moments with family or friends!

In this campsite close to the sandy beaches, you can stay in comfortable mobile homes and fully equipped apartments, flanked by covered or uncovered terrace with garden furniture. Feel free to choose a mobile home Top Presta to benefit in addition to air conditioning, a TV and a dishwasher. Note that the campsite has no places to accommodate tents, motorhomes or caravans.

On site, you can enjoy a pleasant aquatic center including a heated swimming pool, multitrack slides and a natural bathing area of sea water delimited with beach. You will also find sports ground, tennis and beach volleyball, a sandy playground with pirate ship and bouncy castle for your toddlers, a mini-golf, a bowling alley, ping-pong tables, a games room, fitness furniture and even a cinema! Animations for young and old will complete these sporting and leisure moments.

To satiate you and quench your thirst, grocery store, bar and snack restaurant will welcome you with open arms from early May to early November.

Plus: a shuttle takes you directly to the beach from the site!

From this campsite havens of peace, take the many footpaths and bike paths to discover the surroundings, visit the beautiful cities of Arcachon, Andernos or Cap Ferret or go to the discovery of the magnificent dune of Pilat

Geographic Information:

  •  sea ​​access

Facilities of this site:

  •  Swimming pool
  •  Pool / heated
  •  Waterslide
  •  Kids Club
  •  Restoration
  •  adult Entertainment
  •  food takeaway service
  •  accepted animals
  •  Wireless
  •  Bar
  •  snack
  •  Supermarket

Opening date : 18/03

Closing date : 31/10

Payment options: CB / Cheque / Virement / Chèque vacances

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