Camping Ferienanlage Erzeberg

Bad Emstal  |  Hesse


  • Swimming pool
  • Wireless
  • Restoration

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Camping Ferienanlage Erzeberg

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Address of the campsite: Birkenstraße 21, 34308 Bad Emstal, Cassel, Hesse, Allemagne

Camping Ferienanlage Erzeberg is located in the Hesse region of Germany, close to the city of Kassel and its rich heritage. This 5-star campsite invites you to appreciate a beautiful corner of nature as well as quality services.

5-star campsite with wellness area in Germany

Want to spend a wellness stay in Germany? Camping Ferienanlage Erzeberg offers its guests the opportunity to come and enjoy an interior space that will be ideal to relax. On the spot, are indeed made available several relaxing equipments which will guarantee to everyone to spend very privileged moments. A superb Finnish sauna is present. Heated at 90 ° C, it will relax while evacuating toxins so that the mind and body are in a state of well-being. Camping Ferienanlage Erzeberg also has an infrared sauna that will be perfect for relieving joint pain. Holidaymakers who wish it will also be able to discover a shower experience which allows to appreciate the effect of a tropical rain, a freezing rain or a fog. A steam room is also present. By staying at Camping Ferienanlage Erzeberg, holidaymakers will be sure to leave more relaxed than ever!

5-star campsite in the Hesse region with heated indoor pool

At Camping Ferienanlage Erzeberg, a beautiful indoor pool is available for holidaymakers. Ideally heated, this pool will be perfect for relaxing in a relaxing bubble away from all the daily stress. Large floor-to-ceiling windows let in natural light and offer views of the outdoors. Between bathing, there is nothing like lying on one of the chairs that are present and thus let yourself go to the most complete relaxation.

Rent a chalet in Germany near Kassel

At Camping Ferienanlage Erzeberg, you can choose to rent a comfortable chalet. These wooden accommodations are available for 2 or 4 people, offer a panoramic view and have an equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a partially covered terrace.

Geographic Information:

  •  Golf: 77 km

Facilities of this site:

  •  Swimming pool
  •  Pool / heated and covered
  •  Restoration
  •  food takeaway service
  •  accepted animals
  •  Wireless
  •  Sauna
  •  Bar
  •  snack

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